Does anyone else notice that their appetite changes seasonally? I noticed this even before going primal - but it is more pronounced now. I'm certain that there is a good evolutionary/scientific reason for this as well - what we need in the fall in the wild (more starch to build up our fat stores for winter) is also what's in season. In the summer we need more water and more calories for less work (since you don't want to be hunting over-long in the summer sun - hello heat exhaustion) is also in season - fresh fruit!

This last fall I found myself CRAVING squash. In the winter I craved heavier meats - like roast. Now that the weather is warming up those sound completely unappetizing - all I want is berries, citrus, fresh greens, shrimp and fish - maybe some baked chicken.

Anyone else experience this pronounced shift in their appetites as the seasons change? What are your favorite seasonal foods?