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Thread: Does this farm pass the test?

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    Does this farm pass the test?

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    Our Animals - New Creation Farm

    Is one vendor at my local farmer's market. They mention they supplement the chickens with non-GMO corn... wasn't sure if that ruled it out...

    Also they have beef that's grain-finished, but the option for 100% grass-fed which of course I'd be going for... and the pork sounds lovely!


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    You'd be very hard-pressed to find a farmer who doesn't supplement chickens with a little grain. If the majority of time is spent on pasture, that's what you want to hear. If they supplement with non-GMO grains, giddyup.

    Jo Robinson at has an article about cows finished for a month on grains, for flavor and marbling, losing much of their healthful nutrient profile. But this farm states:

    Occasionally we will "treat" the cattle to some non-GMO organic grain a few weeks prior to butcher. It is never considered part of their diet.
    If they're just giving the cows some occasional grains as a treat, that's no big deal at all.

    It certainly looks like they're committed to doing it right, raising animals on pasture/grass, no antibiotics or hormones, humane practices, etc. I always say one of the best things anyone can do is to visit their farms and talk to their farmers. But based on what you've shared they look like a good place to patronize.

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