Hi there!

So I've been lurking in the forums and reading others' journals for a few weeks now. I have never really participated in forum discussions like this or started an online journal before. I tend to be pretty timid on things like this (I know, its a weird thing, I get anxious like I'm posting things wrong, or I'm not being interesting ect). But for some reason, after reading some other journals I just felt like I needed to do this. I want to put myself out there. Even if no one else reads it, I'm sure the writing process will help me to trouble shoot what is working and what I need to improve. This is a big step for me. I tend to be an "observer"--I don't often throw myself in and participate too regularly (just in general in life). I would like to start making an effort to participate more...starting with this journal I guess.

A little about myself--I am a college student, Biology major with 3 more semesters to go (the end is in sight!). For the past couple months I have really been interested in and actively researching ways of eating more unprocessed and whole foods and living more simply and more naturally. I have gone through phases (short phases) of being vegetarian and at times vegan. I was never too successful for too long at these attempts. In my mind I had always considered veganism, or even raw food to be the "ideal" way to eat, but I have never had the self discipline to actually eat that way. I always just felt so deprived.

SO all my recent research on healthier eating, something that seemed to keep popping up here and there were the benefits of fat. Of course when I tried looking into that more, primal and paleo websites kept popping up. I had heard about primal/paleo before and thought (based on my "vegan is better" mentality) that that much fat and protein was just completely unnecessary and absurd. But through reading all the science behind it and how the body processes and uses fats vs carbs I decided it sounded interesting and that I would give it a try.

Part of my motivation in improving my diet is to become more balanced or stable. I know that is really vague. The past few months I have had troubles with unstable moods, mood swings, energy ups and down, low moods (not full on depression, but I have had rough points). This is not something that has had a huge impact on my day to day life. Its more of just and inconvenience, or a frustration. When I have mood swings or I'm at a low for no apparent reason it is frustrating to me to seemingly not have control over my emotions at times. I just thought that eating certain foods (processed foods, sugar ect) could be related some of these issues. I am truly convinced that so many health and mental issues can be helped (or even fixed completely) with the right dietary changes.

That being said, only part of my motivation to find a better way to eat was motivated by my emotional issues. The other part of course is becoming physically more healthy, stronger, more in shape...and if I loose a little bit of excess fat in the process I won't complain!

I have never considered myself seriously overweight. More often, just on the heavier side. At my heaviest I was about 20-30 lbs over what would be healthy. I am 5' 2, I think I currently weigh around 150. At my heaviest I was 165ish (that was about 2 years ago). My goal I guess would be 130 or below (if possible). I know its not all about the actual number on the scale. When I say I want to get down to 130, its more like I have a picture in my head of what "130" would look like, and I want to get there.

Okay, now that we've got the introduction business out of the way I can move on to where I am at now. I have been eating more primal for almost 2 weeks now. Before that I had already been making efforts to eat more whole foods and less processed foods. So the big changes and adjustments for me was to cut out grains and increase fat. Starting out it felt so unnatural to try to consume so much fat! Its all the years and years being told limit the fat intake. I'm getting more used to it by now.

The first few days I was a little worried because I got bloated and for the first week or so I was extremely low energy. The bloating went away with in a few days, and just now in the past day or two I have been not feeling as drained and lifeless energy wise. I've already notice that I am loosing some weight. I have not officially weighed myself yet since starting, I just feel a bit slimmer in my mid region (Yay!).

I am liking how things are going so far. Eating this way has really not been that difficult for me. The first day or two I had cravings for baked goods (breads, rolls ect), but since then the thought has not been too tempting to me. Other times I have tried diets, or just improving my eating, I have looked at it as temporary which led to me watching the calendar seeing how long I could last that time. I would usually only make it 3 or 4 days before the cravings were too much and I would give in with a binge session. I have not had that urge this time, and its come as a surprise to me that its already been two weeks, it has not seemed that long to me.

I have been reading a lot (articles and forums on the website, and the PB) and trying to keep straight all the information I have been taking in, but I am still very new to this. I would love any feedback, advice, and tips you all have to share!

Alright, I think that it a sufficiently long first entry.
I'm hoping I will have many more entries to come as I continue down this path to a healthier life style.

Thanks for reading!