Ok, so I'm 18 and in decent shape (I bet you've heard this all before)

Anyhows, Stonglifts sounds interesting and it's something id do but right now between being jobless, and heading to uni soon a Gym isn't as easy. Especially because the one I can go to is more of a treadmill party.

My question is, in terms of bodyweight stuff, what are the benefits compared to barbells, obviously, barbells make you stronger and bigger but is there decent crossover with bodyweight to barbell, especially once you get a bit more advanced?
Any help would be much appreciated fellas.

Right now, Im doing squats, pushups, pull-ups, bodyweight rows and shoulder press pushups, progressing to hopefully a handstand.

My shoulders are a bit crap atm, mostly due to to much pushing and not enough pulling which im correcting with scapula stuff and bodyweight rows and pullups.

With the shoulder press pushup, during the whole movement am I supposed to squeeze my shoulder blades together or actively engage my shoulders in anyway?

And is a bodyweight row effective for working the back/rear delts in opposition to the muscles worked in a pushup?

Cheers fellas!