Can you believe this? A medical doctor actually said that.

In summary a patient asked her doctor about possible medical causes for her weight gain. The doctor told her not to worry about such things. Weight gain was just a matter of how much food she ate. Then the doctor asked her if she had seen pictures from the concentration camp Auschwitz, and if she had seen any fat prisoners there. ...

The sensible way to lose weight is to try to correct the causes of becoming overweight. Not to ignore the causes and count calories while desperately trying to ignore one’s hunger.
Doctor: “No Fat People in Auschwitz” |

This calorie-fixation is really getting out of hand.

Did the doctor not realize that people died there from the conditions if they weren't actually murdered?

Thirteen years ago, when he started digging into the past to document the number and nature of Nazi-era ghettos and camps, scholar Geoffrey Megargee expected to identify perhaps 7,000 sites. He vastly underestimated his task. More than 42,200 sites will be named in the planned seven-volume encyclopedia that he is editing ...

The Work Education Camp Watenstedt-Salzgitter, established "in some woods just to the northeast of Hallendorf" in Germany, could hold about 800 female prisoners and 1,000 males at a time. The Encyclopedia entry mentions 492 documented deaths there in 1942 attributed to "weak heart" or "shot while trying to escape."
Creating a New Map of the Holocaust

Maybe the mainstream approach to "weight-loss" could start including regular beatings.