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Thread: Doctor: “No Fat People in Auschwitz”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    How about you call up the link and see what The Diet Doctor actually said?

    How about you reflect on what I actually said? Specifically, how about you reflect on WHY I put the term "weight-loss" in inverted commas? How about ypu reflect on my comment that the regimen in question resulted in death?

    It's not just insensitive. It's moronically stupid.

    The point is not "weight-loss" but healthy reduction -- and NOT of muscle mass. The point is to understand the CAUSES of the weight gain -- as he said, for example, cortisole injections could do that.

    Completely RELEVANT ... if you understand the matter, have just a little background, and give it just a moment's thought

    Your point is that starving to death in a prison camp is a less than ideal way to lose weight? I guess I agree with you then.

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    Yeah, I the doctor's point isn't so much that starvation is good as it is that it is impossible to be fat if you aren't eating too much food. As an aside, a lot of those people in those pics are thin not because of lack of food but because of dysentery and other diseases. That was the real driving force behind the death rates in the camps. Even in the "model" concentration camp the Nazis used for show to the Red Cross and International Community still suffered death rates as high as any of the so called "death" camps. Cramp people like sardines in close quarters like that and they are going to drop like flies no matter how much you feed them, because if what you are eating goes right out of you before your body can absorb it you are still going to starve.

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    Hmmm, strange that nobody have come up with the "concentration camp diet” yet? (Except for the Germans of course!) People could sign a contract to voluntary stay in a concentration camp for a period of one year with almost no food and hard physical work! If you decide to break the contract and leave for no serious medical reasons, you must pay the triple price! So very cheap, only $ 100,000 for one whole year with almost no food and very hard exercise - and if you decide to leave before the time, you must also pay a rest fee of $ 300.000! Could have been a hit even in the times of peace…

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