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Thread: Flounder?

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    I am able to get wild caught flounder very inexpensively, and as it turns out, it is delicious fried in coconut oil, and topped with good herbs and spices. I can only afford to eat wild caught salmon at most 4 times a week. I would love to eat fish for dinner every night, so is flounder a good choice (omega-3/omega-6 ratio wise) to eat on the days that I don't eat salmon?

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    here are some better choices:
    * The Best of the Best: January 2010

    * Albacore Tuna (troll- or pole-caught, from the U.S. or British Columbia)
    * Freshwater Coho Salmon (farmed in tank systems, from the U.S.)
    * Mussels (farmed)
    * Oysters (farmed)
    * Pacific Sardines (wild-caught)
    * Pink Shrimp (wild-caught, from Oregon)
    * Rainbow Trout (farmed)
    * Salmon (wild-caught, from Alaska)
    * Spot Prawns (wild-caught, from British Columbia)

    ** Other Healthy "Best Choices"

    * Arctic Char (farmed)
    * Bay Scallops (farmed)
    * Crayfish (farmed, from the U.S.)
    * Dungeness Crab (wild-caught, from California, Oregon or Washington)
    * Longfin Squid (wild-caught, from the U.S. Atlantic)
    * Pacific Cod (longline-caught, from Alaska)

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