I have recently come back to the primal lifestyle and am enjoying it again. In everything I read about weight loss it says to remember to reward yourself. I have been looking at books and blogs for how to address some the issues that may be the underlying factor to my weight in the first place and while reading I came across a personal story of a guy who planned to have three "treats" a week as a way of helping him manage the cravings, limit the slip ups in eating and to stop him from binge eating outright. His treats could be anything he wanted. While online I came across the same guy in a blog and he has now overhauled his eating to cut out "treat days" completely. His rational is that you would not give an ex-smoker a cigarette to celebrate his quitting smoking nor would you give a recovering alcoholic a drink to celebrate his sobriety, so why would you give someone who binges the foods they are addicted to as a way of treating for staying on track. This got me thinking about how we celebrate staying on track or riding out a particularly harrowing day where we want foods that maybe are not right for us and also made me realize I need to do something other than eat the crap foods as my reward for sticking to the lifestyle. So fellow cave dwellers in an attempt to find some inspiration and ideas for rewards: what do you do to treat yourself for a job well done? Is it non-primal food, buying that new thing you always wanted, taking the trip of your dream, or is it something else entirely?