I always come here to vent so if anyone can give me advice i'd greatly appreciate it

Before starting I do want to say I have a doctors appointment set up to get bloodwork done, but I wanted to have an idea of what I may be going into ahead of time.

So here is my dilemma. I an extremely healthy eater 6 days out of the week. I cook all my food eat bunches of veggies and take vits and supps to support my body everyday. My only problem is that on the seventh day I decide to do like God and take a "rest", and by rest I mean a serious binge. Somewhere in the ballpark of 8000 calories.

This isnt because I am suddenly hungry it's because every single day of my life I am always hungry. I never get the feeling like after that of Thanksgiving day where you are happy and feel like a nap. I think about food constantly which causes me to be depressed. The depression isn't a trigger to binge I just do it so that I can take a break and eat the foods I love. Even on that seventh day I don't feel full, I eat until i feel my stomach completely full(not my brain saying I'm full, my food feeling like its coming up). I then eat more when my stomach is settled because I am hungry again.

I have looked at signs and symptoms and the closest one I have seen is type 1 diabetes.
Symptoms: constant hunger, fatigue, i pee quite a bit, the one I don't have is weight loss. My weight stays relatively the same at about 15%.

While I do really want to lose weight I would be fine if I could just eat normally again and not feel starving. If anyone knows any disorders/diseases that sounds like this I would love some desperately needed help