Hello all,

I'd like to start this post with a plea, which is: Please don't judge me.
As a primal beginner, (been at this for almost a couple of weeks) I was wondering if anyone had any tips to avoid the temptations of late night snacks, a terrible habit which I think has been ingrained (please excuse the pun) from the highs and lows of eating too many grains!

It always gets to about 10pm and right now, even fruit, nuts a slice of bacon seems appealing, is late night snacks/ supper something Grok might have once done?

I'm trying to not eat anything after about 7:30, but obviously evening meals happens later on some nights due to other commitments etc...I'm not ready to throw myself into a routine of IF just yet, although I have dabbled in it, just how can I kick the habit of wandering down to the kitchen when I should really just suck it up and do something else?
Any recovered evening munchers