So this may go against the grain a bit, especially since Primal and pork (specifically, bacon) go hand and hand. I'm trying to go pork-free permanently, and while it isn't necessarily hard, it also isn't as easy as I'd like.

Growing up on a small poultry farm, I did a lot of chicken butchering as a teen (sounds really creepy...). I greatly respect chickens/turkeys, and always enjoyed raising them. That being said, it was never difficult to butcher chickens because I can honestly say the birds are quite dumb.

My friends would have me help with slaughtering their swine after the County fair, and let me tell you that it is an incredibly difficult affair. These were small, ma-and-pa operations that raised the pigs ethically and the pigs had pretty great lives. They sold the meat in co-ops, and people like the fine folks here would pay a premium for the product. Even in these conditions, the butchering is pretty horrifying. You really can't kill a pig ethically, primarily because it needs to be bled out. Interestingly, some places will inject the pigs with sedatives before slaughter to be humane, but that ruins the organic aspect. I'm not trying to sound soft-hearted, but I think most consumers are separated from the process and the animals.

It just seems strange to me that because eating pork is so normal (and let's be honest, it's delicious), we overlook the fact that domestic swine are a very evolutionary advanced species. On top of that, the physiological similarities to humans also makes it strange. If a pig-heart can last longer in a human than another human's/chimp heart, what does that say? As a western culture we abhore eating dogs/cats for their symbiotic relationship with us, and apes/dolphins for their intelligence.

Anyways, sorry for the long/rambling post with no clear purpose, but does has anyone else drawn the line on eating pork (besides 1/2 the world who does so through religion)?