So I'm not one to freak out over a single blood panel test, as numbers can certainly fluctuate from day to day. But I had my quarterly blood screening at work today and my trigs (which were already "high") have more than doubled!!

I've been primal for almost a year now and feel great. I am 6'0" 175 lb. I move slowly and work out 2-3 times a week. Granted, I haven't been as good at doing those things over the winter, but now that spring has arrived I have worked out over the past couple weeks.

Check these numbers. Any ideas or thoughts on what I should do next?

Test October '12 April '13
Total Cholesterol 213 221
HDL-C 33 26
LDL-C 150 126
Triglycerides 153 341
Fasting Glucose 87 94
Systolic Pressure 120 118
Diastolic Pressure 76 82

This test was at 8:00 AM and I fasted since dinner the night before (8:00 PM). Whats with the trigs?? The only thing I can think is my meal the night before: homemade crock-pot chili (ground beef), of which I ate copious amounts. Maybe since insulin in my blood is low, all those fatty acids are still floating around in my blood from the night before? I still think it looks high.

Maybe my LDL receptors are down regulated for some reason.

Any other thoughts or recommendations?