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    Hi from Holland

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    Hi everybody,

    My name is Xander and i live in holland with my girlfriend and our one year old son. I've discoverd Paleo/pbp (same things, i guess?) about 5 weeks ago and started 3 weeks ago. I'm 33 years old, 6,5 and weigh about 212 lbs, or i used to anyway, if lost 8 pounds already. My goal is not to lose anymore weight, 200lbs is fine for someone my height, but am looking to change some fat in to muscle and live healthier overall.

    So far its been rather easy for me. No cravings, my skin is looking much better (i've had some acne problems), no bloating,my teeth are getting whiter and cleener everyday (i've stopped smoking 1,5 years ago and i drink more tea now that i don't take any sugar in my coffee anymore, so that helped also). And lst but not least, much improvemement in the toilet departement..

    Now i am just waiting for my low carb flu to wear of, its not that terrible, but i feel tired and experience some mild headaches in the afternoon. Anxiously waiting for the day i feel totally refreshed and energetic!

    My girlfriend is a pescetarian and we just found out she's pregnant again, so we are a little struggling to get a menu that's good for her and the baby. I'm sure we'll manage, but if some of you have good tips, advice or hints, don't hesitate to let me know!

    i've been doing a little reading around and decided to introduce myself, i'm sure i'm going to have some questions in the future.



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    the Netherlands

    Nice to see another Dutch person.

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    Hello, This is Steve from India. Nice to meet you all

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