I've been reading about a well-known phenomenon called 'Second Meal Effect', as described here:

The Second-Meal Phenomenon in Type 2 Diabetes

The effect of a prior meal in decreasing the rise in blood glucose after a subsequent meal was first recognized almost a century ago (1). It has repeatedly been confirmed in healthy subjects...We recently observed that, in normal subjects, the second-meal phenomenon was associated with increased rates of storage of lunchtime carbohydrate in muscle glycogen.
and here: http://images.abbottnutrition.com/AN...on%20Table.pdf

Consumption of low glycemic-index (LGI) foods has been shown to attenuate blood
glucose response during the postprandial period immediately following a meal. In
addition, positive metabolic effects can persist well beyond this period. One of these
extended effects, known as the “second-meal effect,” is the positive effect of the
bioavailability of glucose on the glucose tolerance of the subsequent meal.

This second-meal effect, initially observed in normal-weight, healthy adult subjec
ts using glucose and guar, has also been documented in patients with type 2 diabetes.
So, I'm thinking that the timing of carbohydrates could be manipulated to increase insulin sensitivity almost to the point of perfection.

For instance, if one started the day with either no breakfast, or a breakfast of only protein and fat, and a lunch of mainly carb--no protein or fat--a vegan lunch if you will showcased by starch, such as potato or rice, then a normal dinner with very little starch/carb, and a serving of starch right before bed.

This would make every second meal, a meal preceded by a known method of increasing insulin sensitivity.

I think insulin sensitivity is one of the most important factors in any diet, particularly paleo. Insulin sensitivity means better muscle uptake of glucose, better liver function, better vitamin and amino acid uptake, and reduction of metabolic syndrome markers.

What do you think?