We are a paleo family and my 1 year old has never had any processed sugar with one exception. About 2 months ago she had a really high fever due to teething and the pediatrician suggested giving her some children's tylenol. For whatever reason, I didn't even think to look at the ingredients (sleep deprivation I think), I just gave it to her to give her some relief. She ended up with the most terrible gas/gas pains for the next 3 days. This was far worse then the initial teething pain. I will never give it to her again.

So, now she and I are having, what I hope to be, the last cold/sickness of the season. She is now running a 104F fever and the nurse suggested tylenol again. She could not offer any alternatives to the sugar laden stuff except the artificial sweetener laden stuff.

Anyone have any suggestions for alternate fever reducers for kids?