Hot off the press. Here are the results of my first blood work since going LCHF. I just listed the tests which changed a lot and/or are out of the reference range. For comparison, I am showing previous results from Nov 2011. I have been pretty hardcore LCHF for 6-8 months and weight has been steady during that period. I eat 90-95 grams of protein per day, 50 or less grams of carbs and the rest of my 2400 cals come from mostly mono and saturated fats such as pastured eggs, avocados, grass fed beef and bison, EVOO, 90% dark chocolate and LOTS of coconut and coconut oil.

Total Cholesterol 398 up from 242

HDL-C 130 up from 51

LDL-C 253 up from 163

Trigs 74 down from 140

Creatinine 1.34 up from .92

Alkaline Phosphatase 27 down from 52

My A1C is 5.1. I thought it would be a little lower but I did have a few nasty spikes during the last month, one of which exceeded 200.

My doc is freaking out. He wants to see me immediately to discuss these results and I know he is frustrated with me as I have been refusing his advice to take statins for almost 20 years.

Happy with the A1C but thought trigs would be lower and LDL-C is kind of scary. I know I have a great trig/HDL-C ratio but....Guess I better lay-off the coconut or at least scale it way back?

I would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks.