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Thread: Need help reducing body fat

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    Need help reducing body fat

    Hello, I have been following the primal diet (loosely) for a few years. I get lazy (crap food/carbs and sugar) and as my weight creeps up a few pounds I tighten up and shed it, so I have been able to maintain my weight with out much fuss for the last 3+ years. I am 46 yr old female, 5' 7" typically fluctuate between 121-125lbs.

    About a month ago I recommitted to clear the crap out of my diet. I have been nearly sugar/processed food free for about the last 3-4 weeks. The result is dropping a few lbs but no shift in body fat. I really do not want to lose more weight! But I am also tired of being skinny fat. Edited to add...I always carry extra weight in my belly. Even at 121 I have a bit of a belly. sort of a little bloated and yet I am never gassy, so not really a true bloat.

    A typical day for me is:
    5:30am - 7:45 2 coffees w/1 tsp sugar each and a couple Tbs pastured cream

    8-8:45 smoothie (1/4 banana, 1 c spinach, 1/2 c blueberries, 1/3 c coconut milk, 1/2 c kefir)

    12:30ish large salad with meat 1/4 avo, shredded cheese assorted veg, greens EVOO and lime or balsamic

    snack- few nuts, or a few slices salami & cheese, or small handful of dried coconut

    6ish dinner - meat, cooked veg

    I also used to regularly have a beer while cooking dinner and one after. I cut that out for week days, but wil still have a few during the weekends. (light/lower carb)

    I know that I need to incorporate lifting of some sort. I do not have a gym membership, so I thought in addition to the occasional bike ride (10 mi) or walk/jog (5 mi) (total 3 or so times per week), I could just do some planks, push ups etc. I was also going to start pilates at home with my DD...wondering if I could incorporate wrist and ankle weights for added benefit?

    Any suggestions or tweeks to my diet or suggestions on a gym free strength training program?
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