Good morning!

I've been having this little problem with grains ever since eliminating them for a while. I began high fruitarian with no grains and on a day I ate 1 cup of quinoa and I felt like I had a hangover 2 minutes after finishing the cup of quinoa. Then I when I began transitioning to Primal I would have a little bit of brown rice and I could feel it sitting heavy on me and leaving me with slightly elevated heart beat.

This never used to happen to me. But now from eating healthy I can really feel that it leaves me tired and drained out when I end up eating a small serving.

Now I try to avoid eating them because of how they affect me and only eat sweet potatoes and squash and fruit for carbs.

Did I do something to my digestion? How come I used to be able to eat them feeling normal and now I can really feel the effects?