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Thread: Lifting Routine for 3 Days?

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    Lifting Routine for 3 Days?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 41, male and am working on a some visceral fat loss. My strategy is clean paleo, lots of walking and a 3 day lifting routine.

    I seem to be only really able to do 2 lifts per session (and I dont do squats...!) or I take a week to recover So my question is what to focus on?

    Right now I am doing something like this:

    Mon: Deadlift x 5, DBell chest press - 3x5

    Wed: Deadlift x 5, push-press 3x5

    Friday: Deadlift x 5, pullups (3 x 8 reverse)

    I want to avoid any huffing and puffing / metcon style stuff. Just slow lifts.

    What do you think?
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