Hey, I've been doing the Stronglifts program for about 6 months now. I've currently double-stalled on everything but dead lifts and so moved to 3x5. My current level is:
Squat 310
Press 105
Bench 160
Row 180
Dead Lift 315
I do a little stretching, cardio, and ab/shoulder/upper back work at the end.

Couple of questions.

1. I've stalled once on dead lifts (just recently) and so I'm de-loading from 345 down to 315 for my next workout. What do you do when you stall twice on DLs? It's 1x5 right from the start, so there's no room to decrease sets. Should I increase sets but work up more gradually to my working set or what? Right now I do 2 warmups.

2. I'm planning to start a 12-week training program to run a 10 mile race in July. I've been meaning to do this for the past 4 years or so, but never actually get around to it. I used to run much more than I do these days (lately I don't do more than a mile or two at a time). I know the argument against "chronic cardio," but I want to do this as a challenge to myself (never run a 10 mile before).

My question on this is: how much might I expect my lifts to suffer? With running 3-4 days a week, the program only gives you 2 days a week (and a couple weeks only 1 day) for cross-training, which is when I plan to do my lifting. Granted, I'm not always diligent about making my three days a week, though most weeks I do. There is at least 1 day, some weeks 2 days for rest in this running scheme.

I expect to be ravenously hungry for those 12 weeks.

3. Does anyone else get sort of depressed at the end of your workout? After my lifts are over I tend to do my light cardio (stationary bike, jump rope, treadmill, and/or kettleball swings), then stretch out and hit the sauna then shower. While I'm stretching I start to feel negative and sad - like a "why am I doing this, what's the point" kind of thing. I completely lose my motivation and it can last for a short time or up to a few hours afterwards. I think it's mostly during my stretching because that's when my mind is no longer focused on the work. It doesn't happen every time, but I've yet to identify a pattern. I'm going to try changing up (cardio before the workout or right at the end after stretching).

I'm usually well-nourished before the gym, I drink tons of water, and I go home to eat directly afterwards. Is it just a hormonal drop now that the workout is over or what? I've always thought that exercise was supposed to make you feel good.

Thanks all!