So I finally decided I should introduce myself properly instead of skulking around replying to threads saying
"I'm new too!".

My name is Kate. I'm 22, and this is my 4th month sticking to a primal lifestyle.
It's sort of a strange coincidence that I decided to start getting healthy at the beginning of January... it certainly wasn't a new year's resolution... I never really did the new years resolution thing.

The first two days for me were absolute hell. I had quit grain, sugar, dairy, and caffeine all at once, cold turkey.
Felt like I was dying.
Third day I bounced up feeling better than I had in years, and it just kept getting better.
I weaned myself back onto caffeine, although now I drink tea more as a treat, and I certainly don't need it to start and get through my day any more.

I've lost 25lbs and I have enough energy now to go to work full time AND actually exercise and do other things when I am done. It's awesome.

I find the biggest thing I struggle with is getting a supplier of grass-fed meat. I feel like I'm cheating and not really eating primal at all. I live in the capital, I don't have a car, and storage space is limited as I live with roommates.

Tips for a person in my situation would be much appreciated. Luckily farmers markets will be opening soon so I will probably be able to hook up with some grass-fed goodness there... but during the winter, it sucks.

Anyway, hooray, I'm here!