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    I lost too much weight for my tastes and had to incorporate drinking coconut milk on a semi-regular basis. I'm back to my ideal weight of about 170#, but in really good shape at that weight. My ex-wife dropped over 80# without trying all that hard.
    I also did not want to become thin. I like being strong. Power to you! I regularly drink coconut milk by the cup and usually eat beyond satiety to keep my muscles fed and avoid further weight loss. 5'9" around 183 pounds most days, sometimes down to 175 when I get busy...
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    i have lost 66 pounds, most of it eating primal. the first fifty went fast, the last 15-20 have been slow and althought i know i am getting better it has gotten a bit frustrating
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    "I no longer live a lifestyle that supports obesity, and my body will eventually adjust accordingly."

    That is a wonderful way to phrase the journey, and for 'obesity' you could substitute many other words, like 'depression' for example.

    Thank you
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    I was already within my "healthy" boundary to begin with, but went from just over 65kg to just under 60kg in a few months. Now I'm focusing on gaining lean body mass and am up by 4kg in 3-4 months, whilst the actual fat content of my body only increased by 50-200g (by body-fat-% went down by quite a bit during the gains!). Recently dropped another two percentages of body-fat (I must've went from 25% to 18-19% since starting Primal last August), but staying at 64kg. Aiming for 70kg of mostly LBM.

    No calorie-counting or restriction. The odd fast when I feel like it (initially fasting came much easier). The only counting I did was to check how much is going in (I'm doing a log of this year), not to actively restrict. So I'd just see what I've eaten and take note, not aim to change anything and not restrict say, dinner, if lunch was heavy.
    Lost most of the weight being fairly inactive and eating 1300-1800kcal/day, but I've gradually moved onto eating more as I had more energy to do exercise. Now I regularly hit 2300kcal, going over 3000kcal about once a week. I've managed to move onto Primal naturally, without forcing anything, counting anything or making myself exercise more than I was ready for.

    Then again, I'm an odd case, as, pre-Primal, I was eating a "perfect" food-pyramid diet. 1500-2000kcal/day, low fat, breads almost always wholegrains, wholegrain brown rice, lots of fruit and veg, some meat every day, but not "too much", take-aways no more than once every two months, junk no more often than once sausage-roll or a few scotch eggs a week and no alcohol. My only vice was caffeinated energy drinks.
    I'd already lost two to three dress sizes (from an average 16 to a small 12/large 10) over three months through severe caloric, fat and sugar restriction on a flexitarian diet.
    The difference with Primal was how easily and comfortably it came to me. I could just eat what my body wanted and see my excess fat, lethargy, D3 and iron deficiencies, skin problems...etc all melt away. Now I have lost the excessive fat I had and gained enough energy to exercise like my body wants to.
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    I wasn't fat to begin with, but I lost ~15. I've been at this weight for most of my adolescent and adult life and I'm comfortable here.
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    I lost a total of 40 pounds, but I am at the weight where I want to be, more or less, so I am content with that. I think if I lost another 10 I would look a little thin. The first 30 came off quite easily over the course of 3 months, (with a minor stall when I started jogging daily for a week or two) but the last 10 took much longer. I've been able to maintain it though, which to me is one of the most important aspects. I started counting calories at the beginning, but I was so tired of that that I lost the last 20 or so without counting. For me, counting is completely unsustainable. But moral of the story is yes, I did lose weight!

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    Well, I'm up to 45 lbs lost now.
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    As a follow-up to this thread, I've lost another 13 lbs or so since April, now down to 149 for a total loss of 32lbs since going primal on 01OCT2012. Still only eat when I am hungry, still don't eat carbs from grains or sugars. Cut way back on alcohol after thanksgiving, losing 5 lbs since then. Buying new (smaller) blue jeans is nice!
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    When I started about fifteen months ago I lost five kilo in four weeks, down to my ideal weight, easy as strawberry pie.

    Well, not entirely easy. I remember missing bread very, very much the first few days, I felt like I was going insane without it. I kept missing bread for three weeks. But then I got better, and soon didn't miss it at all.

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    I didn't need to lose weight, so I didn't lose any. I might have lost a few lbs of fat and/or exchanged it for muscle, but it's negligible.

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