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Thread: Who is actually losing weight?

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    Lost over 40 pounds of landwhale blubber, feel great, don't count or weigh shit. Went from a certified lardass to lean and mean, slowly adding on more muscle mass so life is pretty good.

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    Not as much as some of you, but I am down 15 pounds (130 to 115) without counting anything.

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    I started primal at what most would consider a "fit" state. I've lost 5-7lbs of fat since then and my strength has increased. It has been about 6 weeks.

    I don't count calories. I don't even count carbs. I just eat what is on the list and stop before I am stuffed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoeamy View Post
    I've been reading through some of the journals and the forum.

    It seems like some people are absolutely struggling to lose weight on primal.

    Is it just that the people who are already at or close to a healthy weight who have a hard time?

    Is anyone who (seriously) has 50+ pounds to lose having (or had) troubles?

    And what is up with the neurotic calorie counting?
    Losing weight for me is a struggle on almost any diet. And I've tried them all. The only time it effortlessly (almost) fell off was eating 500-800 calories a day during a PSMF type thing. That is unhealthy and not sustainable long term. And it sucks. I guess it wasn't really effortless because sticking to it was hard as hell. Doing a Paleo/Primal version of Atkins has been far from a quick fix but I feel healthy, I look good, and it worked by sticking to it.

    Losing weight sucks. It never happens as fast as you want it, it's frustrating, and there are real stumbling blocks and tough times you go through. That's what you are hearing to give you the impression that so many people are struggling. They are!! It's not easy. There's no other option but to just hang in there and tweak things along the way to work for you when you run into the guaranteed tough times.

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    I've been maintaining -75lb (30% BW) for about 6 months. Like many others I'm thoroughly stumped on how to zap the last 15-20 but in the meantime I get to enjoy a fully nourished body without losing my mind. I was obese by age 8 so sometimes I wonder if that affected my overall development.

    Re: counting, I understand the seduction of tracking calories, carbohydrate, or fat because it gives a sense of control but I'm not convinced that it helps beyond a general literacy of which foods are high/medium/low. IMO daily tracking doesn't really fit into the framework of admiring ancestral wisdom. Modern eaters can access more precise information than ever and it doesn't seem to be helping.

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    I weighed 182 and couldn't figure out how to lose weight without starving myself and feeling yucky all the time. I found the primal blueprint in September of 2012, and began following the diet (counting calories along the way). In two months I lost about 18 pounds simply by following the diet and doing some exercise (not a lot). Mostly, I gave up bread, rice, granola, ice cream, tortillas, pancakes, syrup, and most any form of sugar. After the first two months, I tapered off to losing about a pound per week, and settled in around 162 pounds. Eating the primal way, it is easy to maintain this weight. And I tend to only eat when I am hungry. I stopped counting calories after four months.
    Began Primal Living: 25 Sep 2012
    Starting Weight: 82kg (180 lbs) - Lost 30 lbs since going Primal!

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    I think there are quite a few of us on here that live Primal not for the weight loss but for the bigger lifestyle and health improvements.

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    Some of us don't count calories or macros or weigh ourselves at all. And we don't whine about it when we eat a cookie. Doesn't mean we aren't making progress!
    *My obligatory intro

    There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo


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    I lost a bit of weight originally, about 3-4 kg, but haven't since then. HOWEVER, I have been up and down a 7 KG scale my entire life on a annual basis. You know the one, weigh less in the summer, more in the winter. Since being primal my weight has stabilised to a 1.5 KG range winter and summer. Also, when I was getting really fit (I'm not now due to a knee injury), I stayed the same weight but the inches dropped off. What I'm trying to say is Primal is not standard weight loss as we know it Jim, it's different and brings a whole host of other benefits along with it, so do keep at it, you'll feel better in the long run regardless of what you weigh.

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    My story is either inspiring or really annoying. I lost 40 lbs. It just came off. I am of normal weight now. Obviously I had some horrid metabolic sh&t going on. Gluten intolerant, or perhaps celiac disease. Haven't touched a grain in a year. Don't plan to ever again. But the way I feel is just as good as the weight loss. Haven't felt this good since I was 8 years old! At 53 I have to go outside every day and run around to burn off energy.

    But everyone is different.
    My Primal Journal:

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