My name is Lorna but people call me Ferg, Fergie or The Ferg -feel free to use whatever.

I have been 'primal' now for the last week. I am not sure how I feel. Yesterday I felt good, energetic and faced a spin class head on after a bit of a stressful work day but today I feel tired and lacking energy.

I havent lost any weight yet - its only been a week and I guess my body will still be adapting. I am 5ft 10 and about 175lbs. I am not happy with my shape. I havent done much exercise or eating well in the last 3 months for various reasons and I want to change that.

Previously though I have been a lean, mean, fighting machine but I really put myself throught the mill to get there. I was addicted to the gym and sport. I was strong not skinny and I would like to be that way again.

I wonder if any of you fine people might give me some hints and tips about food. I am not sure if I am eating enough of the right types of food.

For example today I had 3 eggs for breakfast and a cup of green tea; lunch was later as I wasnt that hungry and consisted of some Turkey, mixed berries and greek yogurt (although not together on same plate - yuk!)

I have yet to have dinner but that will be smoked fish oven baked in butter, lemon, garlic and red onion with veggies with butter and I'll probably have some macademia nuts before I hit my metafit class.

I have had water to drink and only one cup of coffee today.

What do you think?

A typical breakfast has been 3 egg omelette with bacon or chicken and mushrooms/tomatoes cooked in coconut butter/oil, snacking on nuts/seeds and sometime fruit (although I may cut this out) and dinner has been chicken, steak, lamb with veggies all done in butter, oils, and I am cooking stuff with coconut milk and heavy cream doing what I can to get fats.

I love cooking with coconut and butters anyway so its not been too difficult.

I am on the right page? What else ought I be doing?

I have no grains, breads, rice, pasta etc or sweets in over a week. I did though have a glass of wine or two at the weekend - red of course.

I thought I'd feel more, you know different but I guess it early days still!

Thanks for reading!