So. I have been lifting weight for quite some time. I feel I am strong and I do lift heavy (I guess - DL 135 lbs, squat 80 lbs, 90 lb rows, 80 lb lat pulldowns).

But I still need to lose about 20/30 lbs of fat, so I want to incorporate some high-intensity interval work once or twice a week into my fitness program.

However, I freely admit I am not in the greatest cardiovascular shape. I can walk for miles, and now that the weather is getting nicer in PA, I have been...but I can't jog at a very slow pace for more than 1/8 mile, and I can only do an all-out sprint at max effort for about 25-30 seconds before feeling like I need to stop or I will puke.

Due to this underdeveloped CV fitness, I am wondering if I will see good results just by following a simple CP25K program, at least for a while. Do you think that doing an easy jog/walk rotation three times a week will help me build up to feeling more comfortable doing hard sprints?

Thanks for your opinions.