Good evening everyone!

I've already introduced myself in the introduction topic but decided to start one more here.

I'm 17, in high school, striving for fitness and health. I'm fed up with eating like everyone else, I want to change something. I don't really like bread but I do like carbs and it's gonna be really difficult for me to give them up.

I had already made several attempts to the low carb diet, but for some reasons I couldn't keep them going on for more than a week. Now I want to push it.

I was inspired by Bar Borthers - a body-weight exercise group and I'm willing to try this myself. My intuition led me to this forum and I want to give PB a shot.

But I will need your help. Especially during the first weeks of transformation. The key is to lower my carbs down to 150g per day. I will also aim 100 grams of protein and about 100 grams of fat. I still have to get some good fat sources, I'm going to look for some beef tallow soon because I want to keep my omegas as balanced as possible.

The journal will start yet this week. I'm expecting it to happen on Friday, but not for sure. I'm looking forward to your feedback.

See you soon, hope it works for me!