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    So today is the day...and by 'today' I mean 22 July 2009. A little about myself, I'm 25 years old and in the US Air Force. I've been living in South Korea for 6 months now and have 6 months left. I'm hoping to end up back in Bay area Cali for the awesome farmers markets.

    Been interested in PB and IF for a while now, just never dove in. I heard about PB through Craig and Jeremy are big fans of the Apple so I thought it worth a look.

    Day one:

    B: Steak, 2 cups Strawberries, hand full o' Almonds

    L: IF

    D: Steak, Raspberries, More almonds.

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    Made my earlier entry based on an estimate. I found a vegetable omelet in an MRE and went for it for some added protien and fat.


    PRO: 75g

    CARB: approx 65g

    FAT: ...lots. Not even gonna guess.

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    23 July 0800ish

    B: Heaping bowl of steamed brocolli with 4 sunnyside up eggs on top. Saw this in the blissfull pairing thread and it sounded interesting. tastes great and puts a nice spin on plain old steamed broc.

    I felt great this morning when I woke up despite knowing that I would be stuck sucking air through a gas mask all day. Slept very well and stayed asleep all night. I also had a great dream. I can't remember what it was but I woke up smiling.

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    24 July

    B: Big bowl o brocoli w/ 4 sunny side up eggs on top.

    L: IF

    D: 3 Brats on a large bed of saurkraut and spicy mustard.

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