There is a good chance that I am hypoglycemic.

I was on day 6 of a waterfast and suddenly had a hypoglycemic attack. I don't know why it would suddenly appear after 6 days of fasting. I have been having more mild problems with it for several weeks since ending the fast.

I have taken a blood test and will now go to see an endocrinologist.

My questions are, if you have medically diagnosed hypoglycemia, did going primal help you at all? Did it help you extend the time between meals and alleviate your symptoms? Again, I'd really appreciate if you told me if you had medically diagnosed hypoglycemia or not. Often times, people say they are hypoglycemic when they are merely carb addicted. I had my hypoglycemic attack after 6 days of ZERO eating. I am hoping that going primal will help.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but the thought of having to eat small meals ever 2-3 hours to alleviate symptoms of a crash just makes life seem like it's not worth living.

I am strongly considering going primal.