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Thread: NuFoot "Shoes"- Tried 'em?

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    NuFoot "Shoes"- Tried 'em?

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    NuFoot Slippers

    On a whim, I stopped by Goodwill today. They have this weird section where some independent company has set up a gift shop type section with purses, jewelery, and the like. I noticed a "Barefoot Slipper" display and took a closer look. They were selling brand new NuFoot slippers for $10. I snagged a pair and figured it couldn't hurt to try them.

    I've got to say, the experience has been very interesting. I removed the tags and put them on my feet as soon as I got in the car and wore them for the rest of my errands. These are totally like walking around barefoot! I could feel so much of the texture of the parking lots, ridges in store floor mats, and even noticed when I kicked an extremely small pebble. I felt a little naughty walking around in these; like I'm getting around the "no shoes, no service" rule. The slippers are showing no wear after a full day walking around on pavement, stores, and a generally urban environment. I'm considering taking them out to a park to see how they fare on a more natural turf, but am concerned about getting them wet or possibly cutting them. Still, they are fun and I would recommend them!

    Has anyone else here tried a pair? If so, have you taken them out in nature? How'd they handle?

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    We are selling them in the Pilates studio where I work. You can get them wet, they say they are also pool shoes or beach shoes. You can use them for Pilates or Yoga too! I found them a little warm, make my feet sweat so I haven't purchased them just yet.

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    Yeah, neoprene would dry easily, but the sweating definitely is a deterrent.
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