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Thread: New guy checking in... kinda wordy.

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    New guy checking in... kinda wordy.

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Wes, I am 29 years old, live in central California, and my wife and I began our fitness journey about 2 years ago.

    We were to attend a friend's wedding and in the process of buying some fitting clothes we realized that we had somehow gotten FAT!

    At a height of 6'1" I was at 203lbs. That may not seem to horrible until you realize that my lean mass was only a small portion of that. I was almost purely skeleton and fat. I guess that is the price you pay for being completely lazy and in love with SAD (tasty) food.

    So, we decided it was time to get into shape. We had heard some good things about P90X so we took the plunge. We followed the diet and training program religiously, missing only 2-3 workouts during the program and never cheating on the diet.

    At the end of 90 days I was down to 174lbs and feeling pretty good! I wasn't quite in 6-pack territory, but I had dropped 4 inches from my waist (down to a 32) and I felt much stronger.

    About the time that we finished P90X life got a bit more hectic and we allowed ourselves to fall right back into the same old routine of watching TV and eating junk food in our downtime (also didn't help that I was smoking almost a pack per day). It didn't take long for my muscle to transition back into fat. I didn't really gain inches back, but I lost a whole lot of strength and pretty much all muscle tone in just 12 months.

    We decided that enough was enough and about 62 days ago we decided to do P90X again. Transitioning back into the diet and the hour + per day putting up Tony Horton's same tired jokes was NOT easy. The first two weeks were hell. My wife and I were both completely stressed out trying to follow the diet AND devote over an hour per day to working out.

    I can't remember exactly how it happened, but somewhere around week 3 I came across MDA. I recognized Mark from the P90X videos. I started reading the blog and comparing the diet to the P90X plan that I was beginning to hate. After realizing that Mark seemed to know what he was talking about I approached my wife with it. We decided to give it a shot while continuing the P90x workouts.

    By week 4 we were getting used to the primal way of eating and we had begun to slack off on the P90X workouts. Instead, we started taking our dog on longer daily walks than usual and I began doing pushups and pullups at my leisure. I kept the pullup bar in my hallway and every other day or so I would do 10 or so pull/chin ups and maybe 20 pushups. This was also the point that I decided to quit smoking! I had finally stopped killing myself.

    Because of the P90X mentality that we had gotten into, we still weighed ourselves and recorded our weights everyday. Even with all the slacking off my wife and I kept seeing the fat melt off. It was at this point that I decided that Mark was onto something!

    We abandoned P90x completely by week 6 and I ramped up my pushup and pullup regimen. We also just joined a gym so that I could gain access to "heavy things" to lift.

    So here I am at day 62, I'm down to 163lbs, 30 inch waist and I'm finally getting some ab definition! Also, my pullup max has doubled in the past 30 days. I am really looking forward to adding the "lift heavy things" aspect to our routine this week although I must admit I am a little concerned about waltzing into the gym for the first time and immediately jumping into deadlifts and squats with basically no freeweight experience. Some advice here would be most welcome.

    I'll update with pictures hopefully later tonight. I have to end this first post by giving a huge THANK YOU to Mark for putting this information together. I feel healthier than I ever have and I'm not done yet!


    So between day 0 and about day 20, I was working out and eating on the P90X plan. I switched to the primal diet at day 20 and switched to primal blueprint fitness (minus lifting heavy) at about day 30.

    Day 0 weight - 170.8lbs
    Day 30 weight - 168.4lbs
    Day 60 weight - 164.0lbs

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