hello...???...ok..I feel like its the first day at school...I cant say I just saw the light on and walked in because I have been popping in and out this forum for the last couple of months reading until my eyes pop out...getting lots of inspiration from the success stories...ordering the book ..and I just have to say you are all so amazing!!!!!
The support system that you provide is just extraordinary !! ...BUT....there is something stoping me from just going ahead changing to primal...
First I have to say that I am 32 year old female ,1.78cm height and 79kg....I have gained ten kg in a course of two years after starting work from home!...also I have always had stomach problems due to dairy,egg and wheat intolerances ...so yeah...I am pretty scared in case I fail it ,in case I am not doing it right and the weight doesnt change ...even though it sounds simple enough I still get confused ....how did you all know how to start and how did you succeed...???..is there a helpful meal planner?
how did you feel..was there someone helping you...???