Hello there,

I am wondering if I am doing enough exercice for weight loss. I go to work and come back home walking most of the days (20 minutes each way). Then I might go out again at night with my wife for about 30 minutes walk. I will start running more since spring is at the door.

I also go to a crossfit center about 2-3 times a week but I hate it. I feel like the WOD is over killing me because I am out of shape even if I'm not that chubby. When they tell me to do 60 pullups x 2...what the *beep* am I supposed to do. I feel like I don't belong where everyone is like auditioning for the next 300 movie. I can't even do 10 push ups normally. When I do not feel like there is a connection and I like it, I just take my loser attitude lol...i can't even do back squats with weights...i need to use the ladies bar and I am a pretty squared guy so others look at me like I'm weak.

The thing is I want to lose weight and look good, not look flabby and have mens boob (i have a little now) when I finally lose weight. Should I go to a regular gym or just get a pull up bar at home and do sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and squat at my place?

Thank you