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Thread: Is this enough exercice for weight loss

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    Is this enough exercice for weight loss

    Hello there,

    I am wondering if I am doing enough exercice for weight loss. I go to work and come back home walking most of the days (20 minutes each way). Then I might go out again at night with my wife for about 30 minutes walk. I will start running more since spring is at the door.

    I also go to a crossfit center about 2-3 times a week but I hate it. I feel like the WOD is over killing me because I am out of shape even if I'm not that chubby. When they tell me to do 60 pullups x 2...what the *beep* am I supposed to do. I feel like I don't belong where everyone is like auditioning for the next 300 movie. I can't even do 10 push ups normally. When I do not feel like there is a connection and I like it, I just take my loser attitude lol...i can't even do back squats with weights...i need to use the ladies bar and I am a pretty squared guy so others look at me like I'm weak.

    The thing is I want to lose weight and look good, not look flabby and have mens boob (i have a little now) when I finally lose weight. Should I go to a regular gym or just get a pull up bar at home and do sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and squat at my place?

    Thank you

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    The thing is, exercise is not about causing weight loss. You do it because you like it and it makes you fit and healthy. And you build muscle, which is not going to reduce your weight. What and how much you eat has a lot more effect on your weight than the exact exercise you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    The thing is, exercise is not about causing weight loss. You do it because you like it and it makes you fit and healthy. And you build muscle, which is not going to reduce your weight. What and how much you eat has a lot more effect on your weight than the exact exercise you do.
    Yep. I've liked running since I was a kid, done it forever for fun. And it's never done a damn thing for weight loss. Go running, get hungry, eat more food than if I had not run. Strength is built, but fat mass doesn't necessarily decrease. Nutrition fixes the fat mass.

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    Exactly what eKatherine says as far as diet. It really is the bigger component to weight loss.

    Also, if you aren't enjoying crossfit at all, don't go. Find something else you do enjoy that challenges you physically. Dreading your workouts is not what it is about. But if you want to stick with it, then you have to learn to just focus on yourself, and not worry about how much that other guy is lifting, or how that girl can do so many pull-ups. I've been doing crossfit for 10 months now, and I'm still on the low end of weights, still can't do a real pull-up (I'm so close!), and I still suck at running, but I don't care. I'm getting better every time I go, I track my progress so I can see how much more I can lift than when I started, and I enjoy the variety and the community. And I've learned that as long as you are really trying, everyone else respects the heck out of you just for showing up and participating at your level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalcanadian View Post
    I also go to a crossfit center about 2-3 times a week but I hate it.
    Bummer. Sounds like you happened to get stuck in the wrong gym. CrossFit, like any other group of people varies quite a lot depending who is running it. If there are other CF gyms in your area you might try a different one. My CF gym here is quite good at scaling and modifying workouts to each persons level. If your gym is just throwing the daily WOD at you without any consideration for your ability then that sucks. CF can be awesome when you have a group of people and coaches that are really there for you. But if you don't have that then it gets a lot harder. And don't worry about using the 'ladies' bar. Thats just a stupid thing I wish CF would get over. I prefer the 'guy' bar (which is awesome cause most of the women don't so I get my bar to myself when we end up sharing bars on some workouts!) simply because it is a fatter grip and doesn't hurt my hands as much.

    All that said. If you can't talk to your coaches and get them to help you modify or you can't find another gym then you might want to look far a different option. If you are going to do some weight lifting though I WOULD recommend you get a coach of some sort at the beginning because form is REALLY tricky to coach yourself through until you really know what the lifts should feel like!

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    I haven't tried crossfit, so I can't speak to it personally but it sounds like a bad fit for you (or as mentioned, the wrong gym.) The best exercises and workout plans are the ones that challenge you, make you sweat, but you still enjoy. Long-term you'll simply burn out and hate it. At your fitness level, you should be more concerned about your diet than anything. At the end of the day, if you're eating right (primal) and maintain a calorie deficit, you'll lose weight. If you only walk a bit as your exercise, you need to factor that level of activity into your target for calories per day.

    Personally what worked for me is to try different workout plans in the gym until I found something I liked and that challenged me, but I could stick with for 10-12 weeks at a time. While science is science, each person is different and responds best to a different program. When I found what worked for me, the fat starting puddling around my feet!

    Keep your diet in check and consider speaking with a trainer at your local gym about beginner programs. The fastest way to lose weight is to add muscle, and in my personal experience, compound movements combined with sprinting and you can supplemented with walks.

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    I would agree with what's been said. In my experience, losing weight is mostly about what, and how much, you eat. Excercise is about fitness, strength, and other really good things but, as the saying goes "you can't exercise yourself out of eating too much." And, if you are not yet "fat adapted," lots of exercise could be counterproductive by dropping blood sugars and creating massive huger and cravings.

    That said, I think there is a unique place for sprinting or some other form of High Intensity Interval Training when losing weight. The hormonal benefits and increased glucose and insuin sensitivity can be very helpful in dropping body fat. Good luck!

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    weight loss = nutrition

    fitness = exercise

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    "You get fit with exercise, you lose weight with diet"

    "You can outeat any amount of exercise"

    "Abs are built in the kitchen"
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    Quit the CrossFit.

    I stuck it out for about 6 months and had a similar experience. I hated it but stuck it out for that long simply because I felt like a 'quitter' for stopping...until I started asking some of the fat guys there how long they'd been crossfitting and they told me 2 and 3 years. Yeah, they scored real high on the WOD whiteboard, but were fat. I then asked the 'ripped' 'athletes' there about their pre-crossfit physiques/workouts. They were all pretty ripped before they even started CrossFit.

    Case in point: in my region RIGHT NOW, the leader in the region's CrossFit Open is a college kid who JUST STARTED CrossFit. He's basically just a great athlete who decided to try it out.

    If it's not for you, it's not for you. In my case, I started CrossFit after having lost ~70lbs of excess fat. One month into CrossFit and I gained 10lbs of it back. And no, it wasn't muscle. I was constantly fatigued and felt like shit all the time. I finally quit CrossFit and lost the 10lbs of fat in a month, felt great, and now I do olympic lifts and some cross training at my local globo-gym and/or outdoors on my own, without paying into the fat guy's (i.e., Greg Glassman's) pyramid scheme.

    CrossFit is chronic cardio. No ifs, ands, or butts....and for non-uber athletes, it's not healthy.

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