Hello there. My name is Chris and I'm a few months into my primal journey. I'm seeing good results and I'm feeling even better. I love the primal lifestyle!!

My skin question is not for me but rather for my wife Ruth. As I have begun to see good results with the primal lifestyle I have been be slowly trying to get her on board. This is not easy because Ruth is a HUGE carb lover - sweets, breads, cereal, pasta, etc. Ruth is also blessed with a high metabolism and good genes and is at a very healthy weight and blood chemistry (so far).

However, Ruth has always had an issue with being constantly tired and within the past year is experience some skin issues. Specifically, she's itchy over her entire body but without a rash. From personal experience, I know going primal will help with her energy levels but I'm wondering if any of you have heard it having affects on chronic itch? We're not talking about an itch that involves a rash or any physical symptoms of redness (unless scratched). We are talking about an itch that is deep and "under the skin" and is literally "driving her crazy". We have ruled out allergies to lotions, chemicals and other skin irritants. It's a very mysterious itch. The internet is full of people with similar symptoms and they all say it's auto-immune. I'm wondering if she's becoming intolerant to all the carbs?

I have told Ruth that the primal lifestyle may have some positive results on this problem and she is slowly coming on board. I keep telling her that she might as well try it to see if it might work (since everything else has failed thus far) but she really only wants to "test the waters" with the primal lifestyle by eating a meal or two now and then that is primal. I would love to find a specific article on MDA or the internet that speaks to the positive effects of going Paleo on this constant itch problem she is experiencing. Do any of you have any information or ideas?