I've been eating primally for about 6 months. I gave up cashews about 6 weeks ago because I was having trouble controlling myself. This week I bought cashews again. I ate some on Friday night and my hands ached A LOT on Saturday morning. I ate more last night and this morning I ache. My hands aching (and my toes and knees) is nothing new. I've been aching since I was a teenager. I know it's worse when I drink caffeine or haven't had enough sleep. I don't drink caffeine anymore, but I have small children so getting enough sleep is a long way off. I've actually been kind of frustrated that eating primally hasn't taken away my aches and pains completely. I was looking at the amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 in certain foods and I saw that cashews contain a lot of omega 6 which I think causes inflammation. Could it be that I've always been sensitive to foods high in omega 6 but am now noticing it more? Assuming the achiness equals inflammation, what am I doing wrong? Why do I still ache?