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Thread: Occasional Binge eating

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    Occasional Binge eating

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask a question on the topic of binge eating
    I'm a fit, active teen male who seems to love eating way too much. I eat primal, and sometimes eat korg-foods (i know i shouldn't, but this one's my concern!)
    My main two pleasures in life are food and sport.
    When it comes to food, I often have a much higher appetite than hunger. I will often eat out of pleasure rather than hunger. It's like the carb addiction concept (but with primal foods), having to feed my brain's pleasure centres.
    Usually, when the food tastes good and i'm full, i often think "hey that was delicious, gonna have some more!" (eating crap foods isn't an option; french family )
    I also am horrible at listening to my body's hunger signals, whether it's real hunger, or stomach pain, or whatever it could be. I always lean towards 'hunger' because my appetite is always strong
    So basically, i often eat too much due to liking the food and my appetite needing to be fulfilled, rather than hunger. And if I don't eat something in particular, or don't finish my plate, I often feel that I will miss out, having to wait until next time I eat or something like that. I eat very quickly, and I'm trying to work on that.
    My question(s):
    It sounds stupid, but is there a way I can reduce and control appetite so that I know when to stop, and do so?
    Could meal timing be helpful? I am content with a big breakfast and big dinner, but I thought that the Warrior Diet could be of help, if anyone has any input on that? The problem is, when I try, I think about food even without being necessarily hungry, or I think "10 hours until I can eat steak" etc..
    Much appreciated for the answers, and thank you!
    P.S. Loving MDA, have read MANY articles and have browsed the forums a few times, but I wanted something specific to my concerns.
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