Hi all,

I joined this forum back in July 2012, I think. It was after a road trip through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado where I found myself eating primarily ranch beef/buffalo without simple carbs and noticed how great I felt. I dove into Primal Living and thought I had found what works for me. More energy, got my period back (I'm 47), lost the belly bloating.

Life intervenes: Chronic injury/condition forced me to drop heavy lifting (for now?) and I had to quit my cross-fit/boot camp-like work out group of friends (too expensive to just do half way; plus it just ticked me off to not participate fully). Sugar creeps in because I live with 4 others who are not primal. Stuff like that.

Now, it is April and I am all over the place. I am still basically grain free. I'm trying to regain the enthusiasm I had last year. Period gone since December.

Question: How do people stay Primal when they are the only family member living Primal? I am the cook, so I do control the food that goes on the table. It is more the lack of comaraderie and support that takes me off course. I wish my husband was on board, but he is an MD and a cardiac patient (takes a statin despite having a pretty good lipid panel: just slightly elevated LDL but strong family history of cardiac disease). He thinks he knows more than li'l ole me so he won't even consider coconut oil being anything but a death wish. Avocado scares him and grass fed beef gives him palpitations. It just gets old.

So, this is attempt #2. The kids are considering mutiny after I downloaded the Monsanto GMO product list and cleaned out the pantry (I was proud to have only a handful of GMO brands listed). I will continue to cook for them while making sure there is something for me in the mix. Example from last night: Thai chicken tacos but I used lettuce as a wrap instead of a tortilla. Homemade mac/cheese but I didn't eat it.

I find, once again, I get my encouragement from a Forum. From a bunch of strangers. Hmmmph. Not to make you feel bad or anything. I guess I just wish it were different.

So, onward and upward? Here's to recovering my happy place and regaining motivation. Time to find joy in my "Black Sheep" status in the family once again (I've been the weird one for years now. haha)!

Thanks for listening.