I've been having some difficult days, but I should really say irresponsible days, were I for some reason think "wathever" and finish half a cake and 2 packets of evil cookies.

Now, I rarely dream. Like, the periods were I dreamt the most were before going primal. I mainly do University homework until I'm doozing off standing and get knocked out on my bed. And it's always short, sweet and no dreaming.

So I could't help but feel curious that after a string of bad eating days I had this pretty odd/horrible dream the night were I really, really ate crap. I hope not to offend anyone, and please forgive if I do, but I'm talking about a cancerous looking lady, dressed mardi gras style, eating baby cats on live television (E! news) and asking for a place to rent.

So I couldn't help but wonder if there might be a relation to this. Or if at least anybody has experienced something similar. :P