Something I have recognised in my years of trying to find the right way of eating for me, when I was vegetarian and vegan we had 'fake' meat, tvp and quorn crap! Fake sausages, pretend chicken.....egh ugh bleh! NOT bacon! OMG.

Then in raw veganism there's all sorts of dessert recipes and recipes trying to make food seem like variations of old SAD foods.

Now I come to Primal/Paleo and omg there it is again! now we have almond meal to bake muffins/cakes/pie crusts! doesn't this defeat the purpose? Can we not put away the past crap foods that we grew up with and realise that its all crap, and now we are trying to imitate that?

If we start eating mountains of almond meal baked goods, won't we just end up where we were with wheat? Almond meal was not something eaten regularly by anyone was it? I don't think so.

just a little jaded by humans always needing to replicate their unhealthy habits. Gah.