Hi all,

I'm already at a healthy weight (137 lbs. at 5'6.5) and I'm in pretty good shape, but I still have fat to lose and I'm determined to do it. I tried a ketogenic diet and that worked very well for a week, then I plateaued for a week, then I stopped. I'll probably try it again soon to see if that will kickstart more losses, but in the mean time I want to try calorie cycling. Has anyone done it, and if so, any recommendations or tips? I have been doing a 16 hour IF about four times a week for a few months, but I feel I need to try something new. The one thing I'm afraid of is I have a roaring appetite, and I know the low-cal days will be really hard. Any suggestions for reducing appetite are also appreciated. I started taking green tea extract about five days ago, but so far I haven't noticed an effect.