Hi friends

First of all - I love the Paleo Diet. I've been in for 2 weeks now and I've just started to notice the 'balanced' energy feeling coming in. It's great! I could go on about the other noticeable positive changes too but my main question is... Am I losing weight too quickly? Is that even possible?

I've had comments from workmates saying 'oh you don't need to lose any more weight' which worries me.

I like to think I'm eating a pretty good amount of protein and veg each day, and I also spend about 4 - 5 hours at the gym each week following the Paleo fitness guidelines.

Personally, I'm ecstatic that my belly fat's starting to disappear and the loose bits under my arms. My partner thinks it's great too 'isn't it amazing how a change in your diet can make such a difference'.

Any advice would be great, thanks!