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Thread: San Francisco, primal places?

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    Question San Francisco, primal places?

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    I've just moved to San Francisco for a couple of months on a business trip and I'd to know of any primal places I should visit?

    Most specifically, I'd like to know about food. Either restaurants that are primal (or happy to adjust recipes) or good places to buy groceries?

    Some more info:
    • I'm living in the North Beach area so places closer are preferable
    • I'm from the UK and have never been to the US before so I don't really know much about brands over here, so please don't assume I'll just know what you mean


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    Welcome, Chris. SF is a great place to visit. I don't get there often enough so I can't really help. But there should be lots of options.
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    There is a SF Primal facebook group. If you use facebook you should join and post your question there - lots of very helpful people!
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