So I'm new around these parts, and really looking forward to gleaming advice from long-time primal folks.

I think that eating healthily doesn't include processed foods, I've never been a big fan of eating anything with added chemicals but they are becoming increasingly hard to avoid. Don't have any terrible addictions to cigarettes, coke, alcohol, but chocolate can be a bit of a temptation.

Despite what I consider to be reasonably healthy habits, I have managed to put on a bunch of weight, around 25 kgs over where I'd like to be.

It all started when I left the military, going from having a hyper-active lifestyle, to then going to university and settling down (aaahhh married bliss). I'm currently doing post graduate studies in international relations, I am looking at gender and the media, and how this relates to women in combat (and chances are I don't care what you think of women in combat. its happening, get over it *le sigh)

I've been doing the paleo thang for about a week, its been tough eh. I've been so freaking hungry, and its frustrating because my partner isn't hungry and he questions why i need to eat more (hell, I question why i need to eat more).

Luckily, I quite like paleo food, I will miss pasta (oh pappadelle) but love my beef stews, egg dishes, salads etc. Over the weekend my team held a BBQ fundraiser and I succumbed to one of the processed crap sausages and found myself with stomach aches for the next 5 hours. Won't be doing that again!

For exercise I have a little fur monster (a Catahoula) who currently has a ligament issue, so our walks are very short (10 mins, definitely no running), and I am doing short, scaled cross fit WODs from crossfit brandx as well as a bit of slow cardio at the gym (as much as my boredom threshold can tolerate). I also play roller derby twice a week for 2 hours each time.

As for goals, other than being overweight, I don't have any health issues. My BP and cholesterol are fine. Weight and measurements are definitely my goal posts.

But mostly I want to be fitter, I want the muscle definition back and the ability to do those neato fitness things (20+ pushups, pullups).