I just started April 2nd, and I have not been as hungry as normal, crashing with light headedness or anything. But the most notable effect on me has been fitness level. I wanna call it that, but may not be thinking about it right. Anyway, what I am talking about is, I ride my bike to school, or at least I used to. I haven't for a while, and today I went to the grocery store by bike, the good store is by my school about 3 miles away. My success is that I am not wiped out from biking one way any longer! Usually I am super sore and wiped out, and I used to do it a lot, with no progress of getting used to it, but I noticed as I was walking around, I don't feel like I can fall asleep standing up, I don't feel like I'm wasted. My legs are tired, sure, but, I feel good. And ever since I got home, rode back, my leg muscles have been twitching all over lol, it feels funny. But yeah, just had to share that! I didn't take any before pics or record my weight the day before, but the next time I get weighed at my doctors office, I post results!