I am a 25 year old female trying to reach my goal weight/body fat percentage. At 5'5'', I'm trying to get to the 120-125 lb range, currently at about 145. Looking to get body fat below 20%, if I had to guess I'm around 25-28? I'm not good at guessing that. I was at 120 lb about 5 years ago, and it was when I looked and felt my best. I got up to 155, lost about 15 of it recently by eating very low carb and high fat such as bacon and eggs for breakfast, hamburger patties, steak, baked chicken wings, cheese, full fat greek yogurt.. etc. After the weight loss haulted, I took a break and of course, a few pounds creeped back. My question to everyone here: Should I start counting calories and lowering fat to try to help the infamous last 20 lbs fall off? I plan on incorporating weight lifting and cardio as well, but I'm so baffled as to how much fat and cals I need to be eating. As a pear-shaped female, I store all of my fat in my bum and hips, a little on the tummy and love handles but mostly hips. I feel like this is just the hardest stinkin fat to get rid of!! My sister does the classic body builder's diet where she eats little fat, and eats some carbs like oatmeal. I don't believe in eating carbs while trying to lose weight. I have just been reading about how fat is not the enemy when it comes to weight loss, but what about when you are very close to goal? My husband lost 15 lbs in a month (that he didn't even need to lose!) when we started the low carb high fat diet. And keeps it off even with cheating on the diet!! And me? Just looking at a piece of bread causes a 5 lb gain. So unfair. So yes, everyone is different and what may work for Mark and all guys out there, may not work for me. Any ladies with advice on this topic? Just wondering if I have to go back to dry chicken breasts and egg whites to get my body fat down to where I want it Thanks!