Background: I used to eat loads of eggs, a minimum of 3 in the morning every day. At some point I realized that my arthritis-like condition in my feet, the one which had gone away when I gave up gluten, was now being brought on by eating eggs. So I stopped. Later I found that eating an occasional egg is okay with my body. I can eat two in a meal, but if I were to eat more than one a day on average, the problem would come back.

Example: When I drove to Toronto a few months ago, I boiled eggs for a snack on the trip. However, I fixed a big breakfast before leaving, which included...scrambled eggs. So I ended up eating 6 eggs in a day. That evening I had swollen ankles. Then at the "free breakfast" in the hotel I stayed at the first night, the only thing I was able to eat was...eggs. So I had a couple. Mistake.

I had some very annoying swelling for much of the trip and a fair amount of discomfort, most of which went away after a few days. But some lingered for a couple of weeks.

I heard that there are people who are sensitive to egg yolks only. Since I don't like egg whites, this held no interest for me. But recently I have read here that many people are sensitive egg whites only. Being able to eat egg yolks in unlimited quantity is something that I could work with.

So I bought 3 dozen extra eggs yesterday. My goal is to build up to eating 6 egg yolks a day over a week or so. Or for a week. Whatever. If after 2 weeks on this plan I have not reacted, I will consider it a smashing success.

My boyfriend is going to be eating a lot of egg whites. He is mostly primal because of the food I serve, but he is free to buy what he wants, as long as he doesn't bring gluten into the house. He could stand to eat more protein. Probably the cats will have to do their part as well.

Day 1 (yesterday): Scrambled 1 egg with 2 egg yolks.

Day 2 (today): Scrambled 4 egg yolks with 1 tablespoon of HWC and sauteed red peppers and onions. So far so good.