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Thread: A little primal gem & 100 lbs in 4 months

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    Wow what a journey, its been 4 months and there has been 100 pounds of fat lost in our house, 37lbs (17kgs) from my wife and 64lbs (39kgs) from me. (Sorry about the sensationalist title had to drag ya's in somehow, hehe).

    Ok where do I start, well I guess a big shout out should go to Mark, what a guy, to devote so much love and energy to building such a bright and vibrant community/webpresence has been a godsend to 1000's I bet, he's definitely been a godsend to this household.

    I should probably really start from the start I suppose and tell ya's a bit about me. I'm an Aussie, a sunny Queenslander, towards the end of last year I had an Epiphany that many people get. I needed to go on a diet.... For the first time ever. Here I was at 33 weighing in at 125kg (275lbs) with a burgeoning young family (and waistline), looking down the barrel of many years of chronic illnesses and disease. Duh, I guess the impact of my almost life long binge eating habits had finally caught up. Enough was Enough.

    So as a bit of a geek, in early December I started perusing the net until I found it........
    Tim Ferris's, 4 hour body.

    Well that wasn't it, I lasted about 3 weeks on that diet (I did lose alot of water weight tho) until around christmas I really found it... (and the leptin reset about the same time), so I guess I got Tim to thank for setting me down the low carb path. Well didn't I go to town on Marks books and weblog, I was sponging all this stuff up because jeez it made sense, we are all modern day Groks, who would've known. I read Peter Attia's blog too and a few other blogs as my perusals started branching out. In the meantime I did the cupboard and fridge purge, our extended families where quite perplexed as we handed over about $250 worth of what they thought was perfectly good food. So that was it, I was all in, no easing in. I guess the little bit of "slow carb" I did before, helped with jumping in like that, although I still did get the carb flu for about a week after shifting to Marks PB.

    So at the start I pretty much exclusively focused on the diet section of the PB, I ate only primal foods (100%) and married the Leptin reset into the diet. Right from the start I didn't weigh or calculate any foods, I could've been eating 50 or 150 grams of carbs or protein, in a calorie surplus or deficit, I didn't know. So after overcoming the usual challenges of starting a new diet, relearning to cook, relearning to hunt (supermarket style, hehe), we where off and running. Initial weight loss was great at around 2.3kg (5 lbs) a week, this couldn't last, I thought (boy was I wrong, I'll explain later). About mid January I started to incorporate the other aspects of the blueprint so it became a way of life. I got good sleep, plenty of sun in my parts at this time year, plenty of sun meant plenty of outdoor life, playing with the kids, walking with the wife, I did a sprint or two around then and also decided it was time to try lifting heavy sooo......

    I downloaded PBF, read and tried that, then found simple fit, tried that, bought Starting strength and a weights bench, to much stuffing around, found convict conditioning, started on that (this was good for building my base strength). While still doing CC I read, the naked warrior, never gymless, building the gymnastic body, over coming gravity and YAYOG. (sorry, I fast tracked here, I finally settled on YAYOG about a month ago, luv the app).

    Ok back to mid Jan where I was perusing an archived post on MDA, I found this little Gem (hence the title):

    but remember, our genes are accustomed to the way our ancestors ate: intermittently, sporadically, sometimes in large quantities, and sometimes not at all for days. Their bodies figured out a way to maintain homeostasis and preserve lean tissue and good health through all this and so can we. Our genes want us to be lean and fit.
    (This is the important part, where the reason for our success on this plan comes to light.)

    See everywhere I looked I found what to eat, does the example; "Is it primal? we run the rule over coffee, honey and apple cider vineagar" sound familiar? But nowhere could I really find HOW to eat the foods on the blueprint list, save for some tired old CW strategies like:
    *Eat whatever but always keep a 500 calorie deficit.
    *Make sure to only eat 50g carbs a day and don't go over 120g protein.
    *Fast every second day, It's like a calorie defecit without having one.

    This little gem I found, seemed like the way to go. I mean after all this site pays hommage to WWGD (what would grok do). So I did some thinking and came up with a plan that would somewhat emulate how grok would've eaten, so that my genes could get me lean and fit. It would involve a bit of experimenting but it went a little something like this.

    *I would eat when hungry until full unless......
    *Once a week or a few times a month I would do a binge and eat alot more than usual.
    *Once a week or a few times a month I would do a decent fast (18+ hours)
    *Once a week I would skip each meal, breakfast, Lunch and dinner.
    *Once a week or a few times a month I would have a carb day, where I ate mostly primal carbs
    *Once a week or a few times a month I would have a protein/fat day, where I ate mostly fresh (cooked) meat.
    *Once a week I would graze all day. Once a week I would have 2 big meals only.

    Boy did it work. I continued to lose fat off my body at about 2kg(around 5lbs) a week right down to this very day, although it has seemingly slipped back to 1kg a week of late as im starting to gain a bit of muscle (thanks YAYOG) as the little gem said I would. My wife has lost 1kg (2.2 lbs) per week to this day, while breastfeeding (hormones ooooh) and doing ZERO heavy lifting or sprints in that time. I haven't counted a calorie or a macro, I've just basicaly run off instinct and TRUSTed my body to get it's systems right that its honed for a 100 000 years.

    Why this has worked so well for me and my wife, Im not entirely sure. My guess is that by emulating the way grok ate we are challenging our metabolism to do different things, always keeping it on its toes (so to speak), not letting it settle into an easy groove, but also giving it a chance to rest (it doesn't have to rustle up 500 cals from somewhere each day.) which keeps it robust and ever willing to get positive results. Kind of like how we are taught to train our physical bodies to give positive results.

    Anyway I hope that you enjoyed my success story, may your success story be forthcoming and not far off either. Feel free to further discuss the plan or ask any questions below. Here are some photo's of me & my wife to see for yourself the success we've had in 4 months.

    1 & 2 = Me now, (95 kg)
    3 = My wife now
    4 = Me & my wife, 2 weeks before starting (at our most heaviest,125kg & 77kg)
    5 = About a year ago, 5kg (10lbs) lighter than my heaviest.
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