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Thread: Half jug of milk 4 months past, no obvious mold. Safe?

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    Find out for yourself! Open the jug, then take a sniff. If by some miracle you don't choke on the smell,maybe you're on to something

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    Still alive?

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    Ah, children.

    Did you drink it?

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    Don't go near that fridge if you smoke a joint....
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    The Schroedinger's cat of milk....

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    Yeah. Milk is nice in that it will tell you if it's bad. The smell when you open that will probably make you gag. Milk often doesn't grow mold. But that thicker layer on top? Thats the nastiness! (Its actually making me gag a little just THINKING about opening that thing!

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    What does it smell like? When I used to drink milk I would get rid of it about the time it started to smell metallic. I don't know if that makes sense, but the metallic smell preceded the gone-rotten smell by a few days. I could taste it, as well.

    The fact that all the milk fats have separated make me suspicious. Were it me, I'd probably toss it on that alone.
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    I've made cheese by accident on several occasions, by my wife not dumping the milk out and just leaving it at room temperature on the counter for a few weeks. No mold, smelled like cheese, looked like cheese, whey and all. But if I want cheese, I'll buy it. I wouldn't risk it.
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    if you're thinking this long and hard about milk that is clearly gone off, you have too much time on your hands.
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    No, I don't know what it smells like, and yes, I fully intend to smell it before tasting it.
    Cheese is actually the main reason I'm considering it, but fridge temperatures are generally not conducive to fermentation. I considered adding some cheese, yogurt, and/or sour cream, but the time for that would have been January. Too late now. I will open it tonight or tomorrow morning and report back.

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