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Thread: What to do with (lots of) left over squash.

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    Thanks everyone! One batch to be pancakes, one batch to be soup & one batch as a roasted side.

    Family are going to be so sick of squash!

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    Here's one more to try:

    Brown some sausage, mash the squash and mix it together with the sausage, put a bit on a plate and top it with a poached egg. No seasoning necessary because usually the sausage covers the flavor.

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    mash it use 70g mashed sqaush per egg and make microwave squash cakes.

    or skillet hash! throw some beef in a skillet with the squash crack some eggs in there and let it go!

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    Roast and mash and mix it in with ground beef or pork with some pumpkin spice and make sliders. Not even joking, they are amazing. Civilized caveman has an actual recipe...I just toss everything in a bowl.

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