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Thread: HI! I'm SCD girl!

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    HI! I'm SCD girl!

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    the reason for my name and why I am here is I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for health reasons (dont shudder at the Carbohydrate, focus on the Specific!)
    its very similar to PB, its meats, veg (no potatoes/sweet ones) one fruit a day at first, nuts, homemade yogurt, we also have hard cheeses. The only OK sweetner is honey.Its a great healing diet for your gut...Mark recently posted about flora there and this is a diet that is good for so many things.
    I am here as it seems its very similar and there is a lot of good info here. I am not really here to lose weight, though the last 10 pounds would be good I guess but since starting I am leaner and I think I might weigh the same but look different.
    Anyone else here familiar with SCD?

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    Yep. I'm reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle right now.

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    I am familiar. I've really enjoyed the suggested/encouraged 24 hour fermented yogurt. Using a 1 quart whole milk/1 quart heavy cream or heavy cream/heavy cream mixture, blended with some fruit and maybe honey, is an easy delicious way to get my fat calories in. I pour this concoction on my paleo pancakes sometimes and its very good.

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    I followed SCD for two years a few years ago, and have recently returned to it I love the simplicity of eating this way.

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